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Q1 Are there operating curfews to consider?

No curfew at Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Q2 What information is required to arrange Ground Handling?

NTHS will need adequate notice and full details of the itinerary (arrival and departure), type of aircraft, registration, operator name, type of operation, purpose of flight, mode of payment, crew and passenger details, and services required. Airport slots are necessary for CJIA, so the itinerary will be used to request them. We will require nationality information to determine if visas are required. Visas must be arranged in advance.

Q3 Are Charter (non-scheduled commercial) and Scheduled Commercial Flights handled differently?

The only difference is that Charter Flights require a Landing Permit for each flight. All flights require arrival cards for each passenger. NTHS can assist in completing them prior to your flight arrival (if information is sent 24 hours in advance). Each departing passenger is required to pay US$21.00 Departure Tax.

Q4 Can you describe the workflow once a ground handling request is received?

After a Ground Handling request is received, NTHS will work with Airport Authorities and Civil Aviation to obtain approval to operate. NTHS will work with external agencies and can coordinate requests for Ground Transportation, Fuelling, In-flight catering and other service requests.

Q5 Are there aircraft parking restrictions to consider?

For long-term parking at CJIA, Aircraft will be moved to a remote Parking Area. Maximum ground time on the ramp at CJIA is three hours.

Q6 Can you describe the customs clearance process?

NTHS will escort passengers, crew, and luggage to the customs area. At CJIA, you will clear customs at the terminal. After customs is cleared, we will escort passengers and crew to pre-arranged ground transportation. For this reason, it is best to provide the transportation information to us, to ensure the vehicle is at the appropriate area.

Q7 What services can I request from NTHS?

NTHS can facilitate all your flight needs. This includes generating flight plan, obtaining  Overflight and Landing Permits, arranging and coordinating all Ground Handling and Fuel, Catering services, Crew assistance concerning visas and immigration, hotel booking, transportation, among others.

Q8 How fast can NTHS obtain over flight and landing permits?

This depends on the availability of information and the nature of the flight.

Q10 Which types of flights are handled by NTHS?

NTHS handles all types of flights from a Cessna 172 to B 747-400, VIP, Air Ambulance, Commercial, Ferry, Cargo and others.

Q11 What is the procedure to open an account with NTHS?

You simply have to contact with our Admin department (via e-mail, fax or phone) and our representative will get back to you and help you set up an account.

Q12 How can I settle payment for the services requested?

You may send it via wire transfer or by cash.

Q13 Do you provide Passenger Special Services?

We provide all types of Passenger Special Services such as Passengers with Reduce Mobility, UM, lounge, VIP transportation.

Q14 Do you have catering store area?

Yes, but limited space

Q15 Why do you think you are the best in Guyana?
  • NTHS has a wide range of Ground Support Equipment
  • NTHS is able to offer superior services at competitive prices
  • NTHS serves the largest number of clients at Cheddi Jagan International Airport
  • NTHS personnel are highly trained, exceptionally respectable and courteous